Meet AT and Bridge

Alan Thomas (aka AT) and Bridget Daley are the creative genius behind the latest podcast everyone is talking about,….”The Sports Whisperer”.  They are an unlikely pair, but as listeners agree, their laughter is infectious.

Hi, I am Maryann Thexton, and I have the pleasure of introducing you to AT and Bridge, along with telling how this all started

AT has been the voice of horse racing in Qld for 45 years.  He has seen it all (or so he tells me), and he has some cracking stories to tell.  Not only are they from the inside looking out, but stories he has never told before.

Now AT has had a yearning to share his stories before his time here is over, and started to write a draft for a book.  Over a cup of coffee, we talked about recording them instead.  I said to AT, “you are an orator, you tell a great story”, why don’t you start a podcast. “What is THAT!!??” he asked.  The resulting journey was one where AT dragged himself (kicking a screaming a little bit) into the 21st century and the world of virtual everything.

After tossing around several ideas, AT came up with his best one…. ask his good mate Bridge to co-host the podcast.  Bridget Daley is a huge personality in her own world of radio. One of the Gold Coast’s most loved breakfast jocks, she has a huge following of listeners who love her open, honest, frank and extremely funny conversation.  Bridge keeps AT on track, real and does not miss the chance for a joke (at any expense).

The combination just works.  Add to that sporting greats as guests from all codes, and this is a winner!  AT and Bridge have produced a podcast that serves up the main course of unique stories about racing, league and other sport, with a side of intrigue and lashings of laughter.

I know you will share my appetite for each weekly episode.

ENJOY!!  Maryann


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